Reiki infused Essential oil rollerball

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Reiki infused Essential oil rollerball


Essential oil also known as nectars of Mother Earth has been used for many centuries, to heal, used in rituals, beautifying, and so much more.

These precious oils are available to you for your self care ritual- like a constant companion, a helping hand for times of need.

These rollerballs are a compact way of using essential oils and come in a variety of blends for specific needs.

To ensure your new blend is delivered to you with the highest frequency of love, I’ve included crystals in each blend and charged it with Reiki energy.


Happy Blend:

Uplift and energize you with only one whiff. Great for a quick pick me up or half way through the work day calling for a burst of happy to get you through. This blend is sure not to disappoint!

Cedar wood- grounding, calming aroma used to combat negativity.

Rosemary - invigorating, refreshing, stimulating

Grapefruit- curb mental fatigue, stress reducer, enhances mood, increase energy

Eucalyptus - mood lifter, great as emergency antiseptic

Peppermint - works against stress and anxiety, raise alertness, improve memory

Red Quartz Stone: Strengthening thinking power, provides vitality, fulfillment of desires


Focus Blend:

Great for your meditation practice or when you need to enhance your concentration. Upon first contact it jolts you and awakens your senses made possible with Clary Sage and mellows down to a subtle floral scent to maintain focus for your practice or studies.

Armed with this blend, you are able to focus on any point of attention.

Sandalwood: mental clarity, relaxation, calmness, focus

Cedar wood Atlas: grounding, calming, combat negative emotion

Clary Sage: calming, de stressing, stimulates mental activity

Petitgrain: calming, balancing, fights fatigue

Hematite Crystal: grounding, centering, focus


Relax Blend:

This scent of Ylang ylang paired with patchouli is simply divine - calming and shifting your mind to instant state of relaxation. Great when you need an emergency calm, winding down relaxing for the evening and need a companion to help with that.

Ylang Ylang- relaxing, helping with chronic stress, inducing feelings of hope and joy

Geranium- promoting emotional wellness, lessening fatigue, uplifting

Patchouli- grounding, balancing, calming scent, relaxation, peace inducing

Sweet Orange- wonderfully uplifting, cheerful scent, inducing relaxation

Turquoise Crystal- symbolizes the oceans that flood the earth’s surface and calms the land it grazes, soothing to the eyes too



A great companion to aid in sleep, great for insomnia sufferer. Calming scents of lavender and Chamomile are sure to cradle you to sleep land in no time while Patchouli is extremely grounding and stabilizing to ensure you’re relaxed.

Patchouli- grounding, balancing, calming scent, relaxation, peace inducing

Ho wood- calming - needing to relax or unwind, insomnia and stress related conditions

Chamomile- encourage relaxation for body and mind, calm nervousness

Lavender- calming and sedative properties, fights stress and promote sleep

Amethyst crystal- purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety, calming


* Dispensing the perfect amount - I suggest dabbing dots onto areas you like then massaging it onto the skin

Suggestion- temples, behind the ear, inner wrist, crease of arm, nape of neck, soles of feet etc.


**Price is for 1 single rollerball 10 ml / props in picture not included


DISCLAIMER: these claims have not been tested by FDA and is used for information only. It is not intended to diagnose ailments and should be consulted with a physician before use.

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