Law Of Attraction- Mindfulness Coach Session

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Law Of Attraction- Mindfulness Coach Session

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Back in 2017 when I was diagnosed with Alopecia ( autoimmune issue) I was forced to assess my stress levels and realigned my life to make myself a priority. This is when I started to incorporate spiritual practices and discovered the Law of attraction. This was the shift my life needed. Since practicing the Law of Attraction which led me to all things spiritual and ultimately meditation and the art of practicing mindfulness. My life is filled with happiness and excitement for even the most mundane tasks because I utilize this time for strengthening my mindful muscles.

I am now living the life of my dreams doing what I love and you can do the same. All it takes is a willing and open heart plus some dedication on your part.

Through the training with Transformation Academy, I have learnt how to implement the Law Of Attraction using many practical tools and tips to effectively use LOA to enhance your life. With my battle of Alopecia, I've learned to manage my stress through mindfulness practices and now practice it in all areas of my life.

My mission in life is to help you to create space in your life for mindfulness and awareness to live a life of abundance, peace, and happiness…. everyday.


4 sessions

Duration: 1 hour per session

Call via Zoom


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Includes complimentary discovery email

1 detailed email sent to me describing what you are seeking to take away from our session (ex: creating more abundance in your life, mindfulness focus etc.

Your level of understanding about the Law of attraction

The willingness to be open-minded about the Law of Attraction will determine how successful these sessions could be.

* Don’t hesitate to email me with any basic questions which will not be considered as part of discovery email :) *

1 detailed email response from me providing any answers to your questions.



We will uncover any hidden obstacles which are causing you to feel a lack in your life. Learn how to prioritize your life to make caring for yourself the top priority so you can care for those you love. You will be given practical tips and tools to work with for the next week. When we resume, we will focus on layering more tools to tackle the same concern or move onto another area- whichever is most beneficial for you.

**** this package has a money back guarantee. Should you receive the 1st session and not want to continue with the package session. I will refund you $65.00****

****Once the second ( 2) session begins - refund will no longer be accepted ****


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IG: myspiritualcorner



I am NOT a Psychiatrist, Psychologist nor a health professional. This session is for information purposes only and NO guarantees are made. We are not liable for any incidents or actions as a result of attending this/these sessions. Take at your own discretion and risk.

If you are feeling ill, depressed or having suicidal thoughts this session is NOT for you, please seek professional help *****

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