Aquamarine Crystal Mala Bracelet

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aquamarine bracelet main pic.png
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Aquamarine Crystal Mala Bracelet


Crystal Mala Bracelet

Aquamarine- Beautiful stone for your spiritual journey

A stone of eternal youth and happiness brings joy to anyone in possession of it

Helps to strengthen the Throat Chakra great for all public speaking engagements

Great for negotiation and reasoning carry with you to your next work meeting articulate your words in a favourable way

Gentle compassionate energy


-Made to order

- Reiki infused for good energy

-Please measure your wrist and let me know what size you like

Depending on how you like to wear it ( fitted or loose)

Standard wrist size is 7.5 inches for men and women

If no sizing is stated- the bracelet will be made 7.5 inches

Some best practices to ensure your bracelet can be enjoyed for years to come

Do not expose it to water

Remove it before applying lotion or cream

Roll it against your hand when putting it on or taking it off

Refrain from pulling too roughly

Cleanse crystals before wearing to ensure no negative energy has been absorbed during transportation and do so regularly to ensure your mala is at its optimal state

All description of crystals are for information purposes only and is not meant to treat or diagnose ailments, use at your own discretion.

Purchase is for 1 bracelet and props in the picture are not included

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