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Law of Attraction Mindfulness


I stumbled upon the path of self help when in 2017 I was diagnose with Alopecia and during this time was a major shift in my career and I was under lots of emotional stress. This made me stop in my tracks and forced me to reevaluate my path. This was how I found Law of Attraction and spirituality, using it as a coping mechanism and during this time I dedicated to a meditation practice which I held religiously and cultivated a mindful outlook on life. I witnessed first hand how powerful our minds can be and with that I wanted everyone to be able to shift their lives through shifting their minds. I decided to embark on life coaching because I wanted to help as many people as possible lead lives of happiness, abundance , and peace! All this is made possible through being mindful and living life with intention and awareness.

Single Session

Price: $ 60.00 $35.00

1 session

Duration: 1 hour

After you have considered why you are turning to mindfulness coaching and what your desired outcome may be. Together we will uncover what may be working for/ and against you in your current life and what types of tools you can implement in your life right now to create the shift to lead a life which is focused on YOU and how to create space so you can practice more loving practices which nourishes your soul.

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“To create lasting change you need to develop new habits which eventually become second nature”

Package- 4 Session

Price: $ 200.00 $100.00

Duration: 1 hour / 4 sessions

The structure of these sessions are intended to hold you accountable for the intentions you have set for yourself from the beginning. We work together at your pace to create lasting change. Working with tools you will implement into your lives and sharing your experience on what works and what doesn’t, we create a road map you use to provide clear directions on creating new habits which serve you on your mindfulness journey in prioritizing YOU everyday.

**** this package has a money back guarantee. Should you receive the 1st session and not want to continue with the package session. I will refund you $65.00****

****Once the second ( 2) session begins - refund will no longer be accepted ****

Discovery Email

Price: Complimentary -

Completed before payment is made


1 detailed email sent to me describing what you are seeking to take away from our session ( Ex: anxiety, prioritizing time for yourself, Boosting Self Esteem etc. )

In this email please explain your level of understanding about the Law of attraction so I can tailor our session to your understanding, don’t worry if you are haven’t worked with the Law of attraction, this coaching can still be beneficial for you.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your current day to day routine. ( family life, work life etc)

Any questions you may have for me


1 detailed email response from me providing any answers to your questions and anything you need clarifying.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any basic questions which will not be considered as part of discovery email.