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Hello World

My name is Susan Nguyen, welcome to my home!

My spiritual journey began in 2017 when I was affected by Alopecia ( auto immune condition - excessive hair loss / balding ) During this time I experienced tremendous stress due to work and needed to find a way of relieving the mental suffering. This was how I discovered Law of attraction, spirituality, and meditation. Since then I’ve went on my spiritual journey and never looked back. I’ve became a certified Reiki Master, Law of Attraction Practitioner, certified Life Coach, and most recently, certified Meditation Teacher Practitioner.

Throughout my career, I’ve always worked with people and I loved it so much! I knew what everyone had in common and that is the need to feel loved and on purpose in life. This was the reason why I wanted to become a Life Coach. Through the training I’ve received from Transformation Academy, I now possess the necessary skills and tools to help more people transform their lives. I make this possible by embodying everything I preach daily ( there are days I fail - but please forgive me because I am human) so that I can empower you to do the same!

I understand everything in our existence are made up of energy and with this understanding I utilize high quality essential oils in my daily practice to help shift my energy to a positive and uplifting state which will help me stay aligned so I can help you.

You can expect to find topics on spirituality, law of attraction, searching for life’s meaning, self development, mindfulness and everything in between when you visit my site. I practice this by living my life mindfully and reflecting within frequently through meditation, gratitude practice, journaling, EFT ( emotional freedom technique / tapping) and yoga.

My little corner on the internet is to create a community where we can share with each other our journey of spiritual awakening, self discovery, and how we can connect with our soul daily to lead a mindful life filled with abundance, health and happiness. Have a peek around, I hope you will stay a while and be sure to share your thoughts as I’d love to connect with you.

Sending you all my love!