Law of Attraction

~ Mindfulness Coaching

Through a series of health and stress battle in 2017 led me to seek comfort in Law of Attraction then spirituality and ultimately meditation. I’ve never looked back since. Through my meditation practice, I’ve found the ultimate purpose in our existence is to lead a life of mindfulness. When we fail to live mindfully (the foundation of our happiness) we are not aligned to receive all of life’s treasures.It all begins with our awareness of the here and now.

Allow me the pleasure of creating an execution plan for you to become more aware and awake in your life so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

My Spiritual Shop


Tiger Eye Mala Bracelet

A stone of luck and good fortune attracting abundance in money


Sage, Mala, Incense

A curated selection of goods for your spiritual practice of clearing negative energies, meditation, moon cycles and so much more

A one stop shop for many spiritual goods to help you on your path of spirituality. The collection is constantly growing and changing as I find unique goods which will bring value to your spiritual practice. I hope it serves you on your own journey.


Life Style Blog

This space is where I can share with you thoughts and insights on everything I’ve learned and learning along the way on my spiritual journey. What you can expect to find are all things spiritual, Law of attraction, essential oil and everything in between. I pour my heart and soul into my writing as this is the best way of expressing my thoughts. I hope you will take a peek and stay for a while.